80% of cyber attacks can be prevented by basic risk management

Identify your risks….

Test Your Knowledge – This 30 minute assessment tests your knowledge on common threats facing small businesses.

opens in a new windowIntroduction to Securing Information Webinar – The SBA’s 30 minute online training will introduce common cyber security topics for small businesses.

Protect your Business…

Create a Cyber Planning Guide – This site allows a business owner to select from templated options to create a custom cyber security planning guide in minutes.

Complete a Custom Cyber Workplan for Your Business – This workbook leads a business owner through his/her operations to create a detailed 5-part cyber workplan.

Protect your Business Relationships and Partnerships…

Cyber Security & International Business – This 15 minute assessment will focus on the challenges facing a business with international trade and travel.

Cyber Security Requirements for Government Contracting – This 15 minute assessment will bring you up to speed on your expected cyber security practices when working with the government.

Protect from Bad Employee Behavior…

Can you identify a suspicious email? – Phishing scams are among the most popular ways hackers gain access to data and are entirely caused by human error.

Choosing a Secure Password – Learn tips for strong passwords and securing your accounts.

Top Tips for Internet Security at Work – This sheet can be posted in break rooms or workspaces for a quick reference of actions employees should take to be smarter online.

Protect your Transactions….

opens in a new windowEMV Cards – Why the chip technology is more secure than magnetic strips

Secure ACH Payments – What the threats are and how to stay safe

Protect your Physical Access…

Basic Physical Information Training – Watch this 5 minute video to understand how to protect your physical workspace.

Protect Against Ransomware….

What is Ransomware? – Watch this 3 minute video that explains the growing threat of ransomware and how to protect against it.

14 Tips to Protect Against Ransomware – Here is a step by step list o protect your business.

Protect with Cyber Insurance…

Cyber Risk Exposure Scorecard – This quick assessment is a tool some insurance companies use to pinpoint your risk level and can give you an idea of your vulnerability.

7 Questions to Ask About Your Policy – Like any other insurance policy, the devil is in the details.

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