Idaho SBDC 2021 State Star Nominees and Winner

Cityscape view of downtown Boise Idaho

In 2021 SBDCs across the US embodied the mission to serve small businesses through a nebulous year. The State star is a team nominated service award, recognizing a team member who demonstrates the Idaho SBDC Core Values of Service, Respect, Discovery, and Perseverance. The embodiment of these values is what makes the network a high performing, high service, team oriented organization. In the State Star, we see those in the Idaho SBDC who serve as our guiding light, leading the way and setting the precedent for excellence in Idaho.

We had 11 State Star nominations from all over the state, and we are pleased to announce Frosty Wilson has been awarded the honor for 2021. Frosty earned the state star award by going beyond the call of duty to ensure deadlines are met and clients are served.


Frosty Wilson | Eastern Idaho Program Coordinator

“Frosty remains my foundation and support for any questions I have. She has assisted me with research for resources out-side my experience. She is always looking out for new ways or angles of resolving problems related to the SBDC, clients, stakeholders.”



Frosty always takes it upon herself to go the extra mile for her clients and co-workers. Whether you need help with research, training, or a fresh perspective on a stubborn problem, Frosty is the go-to. Frosty will work day or night to work out all the bumps so everyone else can have a smoother ride. We are happy to be able to recognize the often-underappreciated work that it takes to facilitate the operation of an SBDC Regional office. Finally, our network is grateful for Frosty’s compassion. Frosty has the patience to listen generously and the rare combination of sage wisdom and emotional intelligence that puts her in the unique position to provide you with the guidance you seek or encouragement you need.

Additionally, we want to recognize all of the nominees this year. The nominees are exceptional, as are the nominations themselves. We’re grateful for the tremendous difference they’ve made both to Idaho businesses and our network of professionals.

Congratulations to our 2021 State Star recipient and all of our fantastic nominees across the state.

Warren Mueller
“Warren is a leader. He initiates ideas, develops the solutions and delivers them… all seemingly effortlessly because he takes responsibility to do what’s necessary to learn, develop and deliver resources that he knows would be of value.”



thumbnail of Margaret Bushee

Margaret Bushee
“Margaret is a constant positive force in the network. No mountain is too high, and no valley is too low. Margaret is ALWAYS encouraging, looking for ways to help. Clearly, she’s a valuable asset to our whole organization and deserves to be recognized as such!!”



Kim Sherman-Labrum
“She has been a consistent, hard-working, volunteering, learning part of the SBDC for many many years! She is a fantastic learner and therefore, teacher.  She is very good about explaining new technical concepts to a lay audience.”




thumbnail of manKyle Guelcher
“Kyle has had to be creative and think out of the box to succeed in this sparse office. This man is open to discover new possibilities and creative ideas.”



Marie BakerMarie Baker
“This woman is the heart of SBDC service and is able to communicate it to stakeholders and partners better than anyone I’ve met.”



Sam DascombSamantha Dascomb
“Sam fought through illness, surgery and recoveries – lasting nearly 6 months, to complete a major website rebuild project and has helped clients increase their bottom line by teaching them how to understand their analytics.”



thumbnail of Brent JusselBrent Jussel
“I have been so impressed with his depth of knowledge and ability to move forward with a client. I was out of my depth based on the problems my client was having, and Brent met with the client several times – even on Saturday morning.”



Bill Jhung
“Bill is an incredible personal coach in addition to being a most accomplished business coach who has the skills and the experience to help clients take their ideas, their dreams, their poorly performing business, and turn them into world-class enterprises.”



thumbnail of lady with glassesMary Burgess
“As it relates to small business research, it has been affectionately said that Mary is like a “dog with a bone.” Regardless of the nature of a research project (some are quite unusual), she always finds the information that is needed to assist the small business owner.”




thumbnail of Presley BrownPresley Arrowood
“She has the best attitude and is always positive! She is willing to help not only our region, but all regions in the state.”





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