Marketing Your Technology & Business

Did you know one of the key contributors to business failure is ineffective and off-track marketing? Effective marketing drives positive revenue generation and critical cashflow in every successful company.  This is the lifeblood of your company.

Did you know bringing new technology products and services to market can add additional layers of marketing challenges? For example, new technologies typically require additional public awareness and education before product sales takeoff.  Most customers will not buy products they are not familiar with.  With all the rapidly changing marketing platforms (mobile devices, apps, etc.) and venues (social media) it’s never been more important to seek additional understanding and assistance.  The SBDC can help!  We have a number of experienced and talented professionals who can help you develop an effective marketing strategy and program centered around your technology products, services, and company.

We can assist you with market strategies, marketing plans, brand development, product feasibility studies, and much more!