Our definition of a technology/innovation client is a business that is developing or commercializing an innovative product, solution or service by engineering intellectual property (IP). They have a large enough addressable market and a scalable business model. They also strive to learn through coaching and mentoring.  

What We Do:

  • Commercialization: Consult on strategies to commercialize technologies (using Biz Model Canvas processes); assess addressable market and scalability; business model and feasibility; risk analysis; trend analysis; action plans
  • Intellectual Property (IP): Consult on IP strategies (integrated into Biz Model Canvas); provide referrals to IP attorneys; guidance on preliminary trademark and patent searches.
  • Research & Development (R&D) Funding: Consult on R&D funding opportunities, application process, & management of grants post-award (i.e. SBIR and STTR grants).
  • Alternative Financing: Consult on development and preparation for funding presentations, due diligence, and partnership negotiations; facilitate deal flow and strategies with angel/private equity networks or other funding sources; explore innovative approaches to obtain capital/funding.
  • Marketing: Use Customer Discovery process to aid in determining viability in market(s); developing marketing strategies; aid in market sizing, market analysis, go-to-market strategies, channel strategies
  • Networking & Resources: Help to find, build and leverage resources. Provide referrals, introductions and networking strategies; make connections to tech & bus’n related resources. Advocacy to key resources.
  • Product Development: Recommendations on development strategy, prototyping strategy; make connections to prototyping facilities and resources for testing and technical feasibility.
  • Leadership Development: Help develop purpose and vision. Coaching to develop skills to inspire the team to execute bus’n plan and strategies.
  • Building the Team: Identify critical & complementary skills for business, and aid in developing plan to build out team. Coaching on creating team effectiveness and cohesion.
  • Executive Resource: Past executive experience serves to provide executive levels insights and recommendations.
  • Export Strategies: Explore export market potential; IP protection. Identify export barriers and resources to penetrate foreign markets; transactional and currency conversion; online commerce; cultural awareness


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The SBIR/STTR program provides grant funding for small business to pursue research and development. To find out more about those programs please click on the links below.

Program Overview – click here for the PDF.

Funding Your Tech Innovation Through SBIR/STTR – click here for the PDF.

Phase Zero Incentive Program – click here for the PDF.

SBIR/STTR website – http://sbir.govSBIR Gateway