Getting Registered

If you are interested in doing work for the federal government, an important step you will need to complete is registering your business in the System for Awards Management (SAM).  This is required as the federal government no longer pays via check.

Follow these steps to become registered with SAM.

  1. Register your business with the Idaho Secretary of State’s website only if you are other than a sole proprietor.
  2. Determine your North American Industry Classification (NAICS) code.  You may have more than one, but you must have at least one.  Enter a keyword on this page to search for your product or service.  If you are a retailer or wholesaler, use the manufacturing NAICS for your product.
  3. Receive a DUNS number from Dunn and Bradstreet.  To verify if you have a DUNS number or not, click here and register to use the system.  They will ask if you are currently working on a government contract, answer either yes or no.  Next they will ask for your company name and location.
    • If you have a DUNS number you will see your company name listed, select it and then complete the registration process.
    • If you don’t have a DUNS number on file, select request a DUNS number and complete the registration.  Upon completion, Dunn and Bradstreet will verify your company information with the IRS and assuming no issues arise you will receive your DUNS number within 5-10 working days.
  4. Complete a SAM registration as an individual. This is a one-page registration where you will identify yourself as the account manager for your SAM record.  You will create your username and password on this page along with some security questions.  Once you submit your individual record, you will receive a verification email from the SAM administrator website (usually within 20 minutes) with a link you’ll need to click.   This will take you back to the SAM website where you will enter your user name and password.
  5. Once you receive your DUNS number and have completed your individual SAM registration, you can then register your business in the SAM database.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Idaho PTAC at or 208.426.1741/208.426.1742.