Finding New Markets

There are over 200 countries in the world and finding the right fit for your product or service can be a daunting task. Sometimes it is as simple as they find you in our virtual world. Many companies have been accidental exporters merely by receiving orders or inquiries from other countries. Reactive exporting may be a start but a concerted effort into specific markets may be the best approach. There are many resources to assist you. is an excellent start to explore the various sources of assistance. In Idaho the Department of CommerceUS Commercial Services, SBDCs and TechHelp are all prepared to provide guidance.  For food products the Idaho Guide to Exporting from the Department of Agriculture provides a wealth of information.  Given the many resources navigating can start anywhere as all of the agencies and departments work together to assure you get the best help available. It all starts with:  Think Global!

Exporting can be indirect by using Export Management Companies (EMC’s) who find the buyers and act as your representative.  Internet marketing can result in individual sales but establishing a market with distribution channels can be a more profitable. Determining the best approach for you can be done in collaboration with the resources listed above. Idaho has representatives in several area the can be your “boots on the ground” to identify potential buyers or distributors reducing your risk significantly.