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When the worst occurs, use the resources below to recover from a cyber attack.

Detect & Respond

Install Anti-Virus & Anti-MalwareThis video shows the benefits to this software or hardware which can identify potential threats.

Data Breach ResponseThis FTC video shows the immediate steps to take after you believe a breach has occurred.

Creating an Incident Response Team – Learn the best practices for developing a response plan.

Top 5 Cybersecurity Things You Will Get Sued For – Learn what to brace for or avoid after an attack.

Department of Homeland Security Cyber Incident Response ResourcesIdentify the who’s who of post-incident assistance.

Cyber Attack Survival GuideThe Financial Times has produced a detailed response guide after an attack takes place

You’ve Been Hacked: Now What?How to immediately respond when your computer has been compromised

Report Identify Theft – Find assistance reporting and recovery from identity theft.

Report a Cyber Attack – Know who to contact based on the type of attack. 

Reporting Cyber CrimeFind exactly who to contact for specific crimes.

Center for Internet Security: A non-profit organization focused on enhancing cyber readiness and response to business