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Take this assessment to learn how secure your business’s data is today.

Identify your risks….

Glossary of Key Terms – Familiarize yourself with the common terminology.

Test Your Knowledge – This 30 minute assessment tests your knowledge on common threats facing small businesses.

Introduction to Securing Information Webinar – The SBA’s 30 minute online training will introduce common cyber security topics for small businesses.

Top Risks for 2017 – Review the predictions for new threats compiled by industry experts and security companies.

SANS Ouch! NewsletterStay informed on trending cyber issues this monthly newsletter

Install Anti-Virus & Anti-MalwareThis video shows the benefits to this software or hardware which can identify potential threats.

Protect your Business…

Create a Cyber Planning Guide – This site allows a business owner to select from templated options to create a custom cyber security planning guide in minutes.

Complete a Custom Cyber Workplan for Your Business – This workbook leads a business owner through his/her operations to create a detailed 5-part cyber workplan.

Protect your Business with Contracting with the Government…

Cyber Security Requirements for Government ContractingThis 15 minute assessment will bring you up to speed on your expected cyber security practices when working with the government.

Achieving Compliance with the Government Contracting RequirementsThis 11 minute video shows you what is expected and how to develop a process in your business for cybersecurity.

 Protect your Business Relationships and Partnerships…

Cyber Security & International BusinessThis 15 minute assessment will focus on the challenges facing a business with international trade and travel.

The Target BreachA case study in how small businesses are hackers’ gateway to big business

Adding Value to a Business Learn how cyber security can add quantifiable value to your organization.

Protect from Bad Employee Behavior…

Can you identify a phishing email? – Phishing scams are among the most popular ways hackers gain access to data and are entirely caused by human error.

Can you spot the phishing website?Website urls can indicate if a site is real or bogus.  Take this quiz to learn the tricks.

Spotting Suspicious Emails – Check out the top 8 tips for identifying a fraduelent email.

Choosing a Secure Password – Learn tips for strong passwords and securing your accounts.

Top Tips for Internet Security at Work – This sheet can be posted in break rooms or workspaces for a quick reference of actions employees should take to be smarter online.

5 Ways to Help Employees Be #PrivacyAware – Employees are the gatekeepers of cyber security.  Always educate staff on best practices.

Train the CEOA well-executed cyber security program starts from the top.  StaySafeOnline’s RE:Cyber program offers tools for business leaders. 

Protect your  Transactions….

EMV Cards – Why the chip technology is more secure than magnetic strips

Secure ACH Payments – What the threats are and how to stay safe

Protect your Physical Access…

Basic Physical Information TrainingWatch this 5 minute video to understand how to protect your physical workspace.

Securing Your Laptop  – Physical security of your mobile devices is an essential part of cyber security.  

Safety Tips for Mobile DevicesStay #CyberAware while on the go.

Physical Security GuidanceThis poster provides a checklist of things review to protect your workplace.

Protect Against Ransomware….

What is Ransomware?Watch this 3 minute video that explains the growing threat of ransomware and how to protect against it.

14 Tips to Protect Against Ransomware – Here is a step by step list o protect your business.

Ransomware Cost to Businesses Increasing Each YearThe fast growing risk to small businesses 

Back-up Basics – Having a copy of your data is the only way to prepare for the unexpected.

How much data is too much data to store? – The more data you have, the more vulnerability you have.  Understand what information you need to keep and what information you should remove from your records. 

Protect with Cyber Insurance…

What is Cyber Insurance? Just like cyber threats, insurance policies are constantly morphing.  Read about the current state of cyber insurance affairs.

Cyber Risk Exposure Scorecard – This quick assessment is a tool some insurance companies use to pinpoint your risk level and can give you an idea of your vulnerability.

7 Questions to Ask About Your Policy Like any other insurance policy, the devil is in the details.

7 Questions You’ll Be Asked When Starting Your Policy – Being prepared for your meeting with an agent means getting your business prepared for vulnerabilities. 

Detect Intrusions…

Free Security Vendor Check-Up Tools – Scan your computer for known viruses and spyware.

Monitoring Threats Identifying the online threats that face your company and employees will improve detection.

Cyber Threat MapThis site monitors, in real time, attacks throughout the world.

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