Regulations on Small Business

The U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy is an independent voice for small businesses within the federal government.  This office is dedicated to working closely with small business owners to understand and subsequently share their views, concerns and interests before those responsible for developing policies.

Regulatory Reform

Due to Executive Order 13771 – Reducing Regulation and Controlling Regulatory Costs – and Executive Order 13777 – Enforcing the Regulatory Reform Agenda, the Office of Advocacy is involved with reducing regulatory burden on small businesses through Advocacy Issue Regulatory Alerts and Roundtables being held throughout the country. EO 13771 stipulates that for every regulation that is enacted, two must be removed.  Regulations also must have a $0 cost impact to businesses.  EO 13777 requires that a task force in all agencies be created to review any proposed regulations.

Opportunity to Provide Input

The Office of Advocacy relies on first-hand accounts from business owners to report crucial information on particularly burdensome regulations from businesses in all different regions and industries throughout the country.   This is a small business owners most direct method to influence regulations that negatively effect the success of his/her business.

How to Share Comments:

  • Requests for comments are made at, where you can find all open comments and sign up to receive emails when new comment requests are opened.
  • Click here to visit Idaho SBDC’s Small Business Advocacy Comment Request Announcement page.

What Regulations Apply To Your Business

Complete the Business Wizard on the Idaho Biz Help Website to receive a checklist of federal and state agency regulations that may apply to your business.