NxLeveL’s mission is to strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit in our communities; develop training programs that help entrepreneurs to succeed; provide training materials at an affordable price to participants and partner organizations; and assist states and communities in implementing entrepreneurship training programs.

To support these goals, NxLeveL’s training courses include the following features:

  • Experienced business educators, with prominent business leaders as guest speakers for each teaching module
  • Networking and learning opportunities with local business leaders and participants
  • Comprehensive textbooks, workbooks and resource guides
  • One-on-one business counseling and support
  • A learning environment that promotes critical thinking and innovative problem-solving





HP Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs (HP LIFE) is a global program that trains students, entrepreneurs, and small business owners like you to apply IT and business skills, so you can establish and grow a business, build successful companies and create jobs. Our face-to-face trainings, tools and e-Learning program address educational needs, improve and strengthen skills and enable you to move forward.
HP LIFE’s training courses are innovative and interactive. They’re based on a modular concept that links common business challenges and technology solutions. We provide online resources including innovative learning courses, management simulations and tips for entrepreneurs. You can complete all of the HP LIFE courses online – free of charge. Just register with HP LIFE e-Learning and start your entrepreneurial training within minutes. Make the most of your opportunities and achieve your vision for a successful business.





Provides the highest-quality online continuing education courses that are affordable and easy to use through a network of more than 2,100 top colleges and universities. As a virtual online college, they offer the latest instructor-led online courses from the top professionals in their field. Start your online training program today!




Georgia SBDC has graciously offered to allow us to share their podcasts on our website. These podcasts are prepared by a business consultant, Debbie Grahm. Debbie has a very smooth voice with the hint of southern drawl that makes it pleasant to listen to her podcasts and her content is perfect for the small business entrepreneur.

The URL Dr. The Idaho SBDC is partnering with the URL Doctor to bring great webinar content. I’ll be sprinkling these in with our normal classes for the next two weeks and then we will schedule them with our normal classes in the new year. Classes will include topics like, “The Entrepreneurs Guide to WordPress,” “Small Business Planning Workshop,” and much more! Clink the link for more information.