Success Stories

Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener

An award-winning chainsaw sharpener goes global

“The SBDC has been a great sounding board from the beginning when we were a start-up. As we continue to grow and expand, SBDC remains an active and valued partner.” – Phil Krantz, owner

Timberline manufactures and markets a unique patented chainsaw sharpener that can be used in the field. The product received the Retailers Choice Award at the National Hardware Show – awarded to only 10 out of 1,800 exhibitors.

After acquiring the original technology and patent, two investors approached Phil Krantz to manage the business. Krantz contacted the SBDC to help develop a business and marketing plan. He completed all the basic business processes – finalizing product development, acquiring funding, developing the brand and establishing distribution channels – to turn the product into a successful venture. Today, the product is shipped to over 20 countries.

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Idaho SBDC Success Story
Idaho Falls, ID