Success Stories


Bill Albert
TECenter Incubator
Nampa, Idaho

STEMfinity is an international online resource for educators who are searching for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) products to use in their classrooms.  STEMfinity provides Pre-K through 12th grade STEM solutions for classrooms, after-school programs, and home school educators.  “We feel learning-by-doing is the most effective learning model.  Through the hands-on activities, we look to inspire students to pursue a STEM career path and beyond,” says STEMfinity CEO, Bill Albert. The company also provides training courses for teachers and staff.  Attendees learn how to apply a STEM collaborative and experienced approach in their classrooms. STEMfinity products are used in all 50 states and in 21 countries.

STEMfinity has taken full advantage of the services the Idaho SBDC provides. It is encouraging to know that organizations such as Idaho SBDC are here to assist small businesses in their development and growth.

All things considered, STEMfinity sees building a business in Idaho as an advantage. “All small businesses face challenges and hurdles along the way.  We don’t feel there are any extra challenges from living in Idaho.”  Albert continued, “Rather we feel we have a strong business community in Idaho that is willing to assist and mentor other businesses through the trials and tribulations.”

STEMfinity was accepted into the Idaho Small Business Development Center TECenter business incubator in August 2013. The encouragement and coaching of the TECenter staff, and resources provided by the Idaho SBDC has proven to be an important element in their development.

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Idaho SBDC Success Story 2014