Success Stories

StanCraft Boat Company

Reinvigorating a third generation custom wooden boat brand

“We have a lot of moving parts and hearing a third party’s advice adds new light to our views. It has been a great experience.” – Robb Bloem, owner

Following a dream to move back to Coeur d’Alene, Robb and Amy Bloem decided to create their own jobs by learning how to build StanCraft wooden boats, a family tradition begun by Amy’s father. The beautiful boats, made with unrivaled craftsmanship in north Idaho, are sold around the world by word of mouth and reputation. “We do everything you need except drive the boat, and we’ll even do that if you request,” said Bloem.

The Bloems, accustomed to a partnership in work and in life, turned to the Idaho SBDC for help creating “order out of chaos”. They now have processes for accounting and production, a plan to grow the company to more locations, and a vision of employing over 100 people. Their advice to other business owners – “Love what you do.”

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Idaho SBDC Success Story
Hayden, ID