Success Stories

RayCore, Inc

Idaho Falls

Bryan Brusman

“They (SBDCs) are strategically placed in our communities to help businesses. The Idaho SBDC is especially important in tough economic times.”

Bryan Brusman used the core traits of a classic entrepreneur to make his business a success. In the middle of the worst economic downturn in decades, he developed and patented a product for the construction industry that he manufactures and sells internationally.

Ray-Core Inc., based in Idaho Falls, manufactures affordable, energy-efficient structurally insulated panels (SIPs) for wall, roof, and header systems. Ray-Core, which holds multiple patents, has become a leader in SIP technology.

Bryan’s grandfather started Ray-Core over 23 years ago, but the company failed. As a young teenager, Bryan worked in the original company’s small production plant. When he went to college and began pondering what he wanted to do, he began considering the possibility of reviving Ray-Core.

Bryan needed start-up and equipment funding to re-launch Ray-Core. After rejections from lenders, he realized he was unprepared to answer questions about things like cash flow statements. Bryan’s attempts for funding turned around when he started working with Randy Ashliman at the Idaho Small Business Development Center in Idaho Falls. Randy assisted and mentored Bryan through the business planning and start-up process.

Today, Ray-Core is profitable, with a 155 percent increase in sales over 2009. Customer deposits on new projects and sales projections reflect similar growth rates for 2011. Instead of producing one home system per week, as in the past, Ray-Core has expanded its capacity and can now produce up to three systems per day.

Bryan has teamed up with the global charity organization Mercy Ships. Mercy Ships will use Ray-Core’s movable buildings in Africa to support doctors helping underprivileged individuals receive quality health care in a sanitary setting.

According to Bryan, “They (SBDCs) are strategically placed in our communities to help businesses. The Idaho SBDC is especially  important in tough economic times.”

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