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Securing your passwords: Wh@t’s a p@$$phra$3?

One of the best ways to create a strong password that is also easy for you to remember is to create a phrase that substitutes letters for numbers or symbols.  The title of this article is an example of a passphrase.

passphrase idaho sbdc

There’s no perfect password, and using a passphrase alone doesn’t guarantee you’ll be 100% secure, but its another measure you can take in protecting your accounts.

Click here to read SANS – Securing the Human’s April Newsletter that goes into more detail on the following steps for better securing your passwords.

  • Use unique passphrases for each account
  • Never share your method for creating a password
  • Don’t log in to accounts on public devices
  • If an account requires you answer personal questions, choose smartly
  • Always use two-step verification when offered
  • Use the most secure pin possible on your mobile devices
  • Close out or delete unused accounts