Success Stories

The Paper Doll


The Paper Doll is a marketing success story. Owners Brooke and Whitney Richardson are sisters who love to shop and have a knack for spotting low-cost fashion trends. Both sisters had collected so many clothes, shoes and accessories, they began opening their closets to friends during private “closet shopping parties.” These parties were so popular, they soon outgrew the space available in their home.

Our SBDC consultant encouraged our digital marketing strategy, and that has worked well for us.

In September of 2013, Brooke and Whitney decided to rent a small space and open their “closets” to everyone. They contacted Ann Swanson, a consultant with the Pocatello Small Business Development Center (SBDC), for help with a marketing strategy. Ann recommended growing their already loyal word-of mouth following with a focus on digital media.

Brooke and Whitney implemented a weekly “Doll Deal” e-newsletter, an Instagram campaign and currently have over 1,300 active followers on Facebook . They have daily photos featuring local models, giveaways and flash sales; many of their sales are made through Facebook. By starting small, focusing on their specific audience, and taking great word-of-mouth to a digital platform, the sisters have added a vibrant shop to Pocatello’s downtown sector.

Feel free to visit their Facebook page here.

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