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Kuma Stoves, Inc.

Family business grows while keeping products American-made

“My two sons and I are benefitting from the business wisdom of the coaching staff at the SBDC.” – Mark Freeman, owner

Mark Freeman began making wood stoves for friends and family as a way to pay bills. This grew into a true family business, employing many relatives. In 1988, new emission standards by the EPA directly effected his industry. This shifted his priorities from merely managing his business to hitting new – and increasingly stringent – emission thresholds. Many businesses moved overseas or closed, but Mark made the conscious decision to stay put and comply.

As Kuma invested in development and testing higher efficiency stoves and as more family moved into leadership roles, improving business management became a priority. Mark enrolled in a year-long SBDC-led leadership course which has guided his growth strategies. Family members have participated in coaching sessions they feel have had a lasting benefit on the business.

Kuma Stoves has weathered the challenges of EPA regulations and has been able to grow while keeping their products Made in America.

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Idaho SBDC Success Story
Rathdrum, ID