Business Tips

Know What You Don’t Know

Some people would say this phrase doesn’t make any sense. How can you know what you don’t know.

Being successful in business involves a three-pronged approach. First, you must have a great product or service. Second, you must be proficient in marketing your business to let customers know who you are, where you are, and what you do. Finally, every small business person has to understand the wide variety of hats that must be worn to be successful in business. Often times, the owner serves as the bookkeeper, human resource manager, customer service representative, marketing specialist, maintenance person, procurement clerk and budget analyst all at the same time. We’ve never seen a small business owner that has a background and expertise in all these areas.

So what can you do? Take this information and grow your skills. Capitalize on the expertise of your attorney, accountant, insurance broker, banker, investment planner, advertising representative, wholesale distributor, and equipment dealer. Use Internet keyword searches for business sites, industry trade associations, seminars, and conventions. Take classes at your local colleges and universities. Watch for training opportunities sponsored by your local colleges and universities.