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Accelerator provides opportunity for promotional product company to grow

“Managing a business is an art.  It takes continual practice, constant personal growth and steady innovation.  The weekly mentorship at the Nampa Business Accelerator is a huge part of our success.” – Jake Lee, owner

Idaho Recognition became an Idaho SBDC Resident Client at the Nampa Business Accelerator in 2011. Jake Lee, its founder, had a vision to grow his business and needed a location to train employees as he added product lines as well as resources such as printers, internet connection and meeting spaces.

Being housed at the accelerator, Jake has received those resources as well as valuable advice and mentorship from in-house SBDC coaches that had real-life business experience. He also found a community in the other residents; calling on their expertise when needed.

In 2015, Idaho Recognition sold its photography business to the largest school photography company in the world. With those funds they now are able to build their own office building. The company has grown from 2 accounts in 2011 to nearly 50 today. With a strong foundation of 2 full-time and 5 part-time employees, Idaho Recognition will continue to grow.

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Idaho SBDC Success Story
Nampa, ID