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Happy Family Brands


After watching a friend struggle to find healthy food options for her baby, Shazi Visram came up with the idea of creating an organic baby food line. Together with co-founder Jessica Rolph, the two launched an organic baby food company, Happy Baby, on Mother’s Day, 2006.

Their first years were rocky due to funding issues, packaging problems, and logistical challenges. Jessica first approached the Boise office of the Small Business Development Center
(SBDC) in 2008 for assistance with financing problems. The SBDC played a key role in getting a due diligence report written to submit to local and national investors. Jessica
also received coaching from her consultant on branding, packaging, pricing, working with distributors, and supply chain logistics.

Sales of Happy Family products grew to $60 million in 2012.

Happy Baby soon became Happy Family, as the company expanded their product line to include organic foods for babies, children, and adults. In 2012, sales reached $60 million. In 2013, Happy Family was acquired by Groupe Danone for a 92% share of the company in a multi-million dollar deal. Products are currently exported to France, Turkey and China.

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