Business Tips

Find Your Purple Cow

Have you ever laid eyes on a purple cow? Neither have I, but I’ll bet if we saw one out in a field we would sure take time to check it out. “Find your purple cow” is an old advertising saying. Here is what it means.

Your purple cow is how you are unique, different, or better. The small business arena is an increasingly competitive world. Your customers have many, many choices as to where they spend their hard earned money. Your job is to create a business model where you add value to the customer’s shopping experience as compared to your competitors.

This can be accomplished in many ways. Your purple cow could be a broader assortment of merchandise, better prices, higher quality, a no-fault return policy, an extended warranty, or a more centralized, convenient location with ample free parking. It doesn’t stop there. You can be unique in other, more subtle ways. You can have a larger delivery area, expanded store hours, a web site exposure for the home shopper, sparkling restrooms,a sharper selling message in you ads, or even a drive through window.

All these can separate you from the competition and give your customers solid reasons for spending their money with you. But we’ve left the most important purple cow for last- consistent, high quality customer service.

Customer service in America is declining with the mammoth box stores and chain stores gobbling up an ever increasing market share. So, if you are an independent small business and are looking to survive, one of your purple cows has to be service. Find, train, motivate, reward, and retain great employees and give your customers that “WOW” experience every time.