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City Peanut

Snack shop thrives through recession and strengthens food community

“I found the structure, discipline and accountability that came with working with my counselor to be of great value.” – Dan Balluff, owner

Dan Balluff opened City Peanut in 2009 facing the unique challenges of starting a business during a recession. He persevered with a formula of high-quality, hand crafted products, superb customer service and collaboration in the business community that helped grow his retail and wholesale business. The complexity of this growth is what led Dan to the SBDC for guidance.

Dan credits his work with the SBDC with results that have directly benefited his business. Assistance from the Idaho SBDC for Dan meant leaning on the outside perspective and business expertise of his counselor and directed Dan to an effective strategy for business expansion, to valuable business connections and to taking the legal steps to protect his intellecutal property.

With Dan’s growth strategy focused on building relationships and strengthening the food community around town, City Peanut fans will continue to see his tasty snacks appear in the restaurants, stores and breweries they visit in Boise.

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Idaho SBDC Success Story
Boise, ID