Success Stories

Citius Composites, LLC


Kyle Kinghorn

Citius Composites, LLC, a rapid “idea to product” development and manufacturing company is owned by Kyle Kinghorn. Composites manufacturing is a substantial high-tech replacement for metals and plastics. It is significantly lighter and usually much stronger than steel. It is a rapidly expanding industry which is revolutionizing many industries, including sporting goods, vehicles, aviation, aerospace, automotive, medical and others.

The company has the ability to cut through time barriers and to often significantly reduce product development costs for companies trying to convert new ideas into prototypes or products. Citius Composites is able to complete new product development in as little as 60 days rather than the industry norm of 1 to 2 years. The company’s favorite challenges include high-tech complex parts and product development.

Kyle has a master’s degree in manufacturing engineering and a B.S. in chemical engineering. His experience includes working at Micron Technology as a process engineer, a process engineer for a major prosthetics manufacturer, and as co-owner of a powder coating company.  He has an extensive materials knowledge base (including composites & plastics).

In 2012, Citius Composites won the Idaho Tech Launch competition. One product Citius helped innovate and develop was a carbon fiber knee frame for a prosthetic knee, a significant engineering advancement over its aluminum predecessor. The new product is aesthetically attractive, more functional, stronger and lighter, all at a price point very close to the selling point of the aluminum frame it replaces.  Recently, Citius won a contract with Oregon State University and DARPA to develop a carbon fiber torso for a walking robot that is being developed to carry gear for soldiers of the future.

The road to business success for Kyle hasn’t always been easy.  He learned early on that “cash flow is king” along with the value of win-win contract negotiations.  Kyle sought help and assistance from many business support resources including the Idaho Falls office of the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), the E-Center, economic developers, and the RDA.

Kyle appreciates his relationship with the SBDC.  Business Consultant Randy Ashliman was especially beneficial in helping Kyle develop his business plan to successfully acquire the funding necessary to launch Citius Composites.

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