Business Tips

Business Cards

Business cards are one of the best and least expensive ways to market your small business.  Every time you meet someone new, you have the opportunity to give them a concrete reminder of what your small business does and how it can help them.   It’s a portable billboard that gives all of your contact information in a handy spot.

With that in mind, your business cards are a reflection of your business.  You may be dressed in a three piece suit, but if you hand out a business card that is obviously printed from your home printer on cheap card stock with the perforations still on the edges or cut crookedly, it says something completely different about your business, and it’s not good.  Having a professionally designed business card is not as expensive as leaving behind a bad first impression.

A great business card is the backbone of your marketing strategy. Therefore, it is essential that all aspects of the card are carefully considered. Let’s start with your company’s name. What kind of business is a firm named Acme Limited? Does it move houses or train thoroughbred horses? Your name should be more specific and descriptive and leave no doubt as to the business you are in.  Otherwise, you may find that you spend more time explaining your name than working in your business.

Have you developed a logo with a distinctive flair that pays careful attention to font style and color? May we suggest professional help here? A logo will be with your business forever, so spend a couple hundred dollars and get a good one.  This will also help you when developing your other marketing materials (ie website, social media, and print materials) so that they have a consistent look and color scheme.

How about the layout of the card? What type of paper should be used? Is the card too wordy? Should you use the back of the card for more information? And most of all, does it consistently portray the brand and quality you are trying to convey to your clients? Please have your cards printed by a pro. It makes all the difference and only adds pennies per card to the cost.

So develop a great card. Get them professionally printed. Carry them with you at all times. Don’t be caught dead without them.