Success Stories

Alpine Bark and Blowing and Hydroseeding


John Sanders, Todd Lutz, and Frank Cysewski

John Sanders, Todd Lutz and Frank Cysewski started Alpine Barkblowing and Hydroseeding in 2000. The company provides installation of bark, mulch and soil, as well as hydroseeding, using state of the art equipment and environmentally friendly products. With greater demand and a shorter supply of bark products they developed a premium wood fiber mulch which is all natural (no added color). This product has all the benefits of bark mulch and more, including greater moisture and color retention, while remaining affordable. The bark is applied using hoses that can reach 300 feet, so limited accessibility and concern about damage to lawn or plants from heavy equipment does not exist. The final step is a professional clean up.

“Without the efforts of the coaches and staff at the Idaho SBDC our company more than likely would not be here today,” said Todd. “We experienced pretty much everything a business could experience in a year; the economy went in the tank, fuel prices sky rocketed and the stressful and expensive buyout of a previous associate. Our business was in serious jeopardy and we realized we needed to dig ourselves out. We decided to attend the 5 week business workshops. We knew immediately we had made the right decision, as the instructors were incredible and the knowledge we gained was unparalleled to anything we had ever experienced. After the classes, we began meeting regularly with our coach, Frank Bendinelli. Frank’s experience and expertise pushed us to a place we had never been and we began to grow.”

Today they are knowledgeable and confident business owners with an absolute sense of direction. In 2009 the company made a huge rebound – in a year that was supposed to be down due to the economy – they were able to break their all time record for barkblowing profits. Their plans call for significant growth in the future, which will help them give back to our community by creating jobs and hopefully inspiring other small business owners to do what they did. For more information call (208) 772-8552 or send an e-mail to

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