Success Stories

Accurate CNC Services


Heike and Don Stinson

 “the coach helped us become more effective decision makers to improve profit in our business.”

With “lots of hard work, perseverance, and a little more hard work”, Heike and Don Stinson created an entrepreneurial success story. Prior to becoming business owners, Heike worked in medical billing while Don worked in management and construction. In May, 2003, the Stinsons had an urge to start their own business and opened Accurate CNC Services in Hayden, Idaho.

Today, Accurate CNC Services is a state-of-the-art business providing digitally automated, computer numerical control (CNC) fabrication and cutting services. Customers include machine manufacturers, sign companies, cabinet companies and other businesses. With 6 team members and plans for expansion, the company ships parts to a variety of national and international clients.

While the company is thriving today, Heike admits that starting the business was tough.  “We literally had no capital or customers” she says. The first year, the Stinsons had one router, which they used to cut furniture parts and assemble air filters for an aerospace application. To keep costs low, they used a make-shift oven and a space heater to cure adhesives.

Early on, the Stinsons found that satisfying customer needs in an extremely competitive global marketplace was a particular challenge. They credit their success to passion, drive, attention to detail and hard work. In a competitive marketplace, they believe customers appreciate their “can do” attitude.  Heike also says that the company is unique in that it is not “just a metal shop, a wood shop, or a mill shop.” Their equipment includes mills, routers and a laser cutter. They can cut one part or a million parts and work in a variety of materials, including wood, plastic and aluminum.

Accurate CNC Services is dedicated to providing a valuable service at a reasonable rate in a timely manner. “We stand behind our work” and “we place a large emphasis on integrity and honor” says Heike.

As business owners, the Stinsons knew how to work “in” the business but not “on” the business so they sought ways to grow as entrepreneurs. They received coaching from Dale Rainey at the Post Falls Idaho SBDC. Heike said “the coach helped us become more effective decision makers to improve profit in our business.” The couple also learned that, when meeting with clients, to be problem solvers, not salesmen. This nugget helped the Stinsons view their sales approach differently and achieve better results.

What is next for Accurate CNC Services?  They recently added a Vertical Machining Center and, to accommodate growth, they are planning to move to a larger 14,000 square feet facility.

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